EM Cheyna MRF

Contucci x Bordeaux x Weltmeyer

2004 Elite Hanoverian mare.  Standing 16 hands, Cheyna is known for passing on her type, correctness and elegance.  Many thanks to our mentor and friend, Kathleen Richardson for allowing a 3rd (!!) mare from her amazing program to come to our farm.


Chenya proved to be easy undersaddle, showing rhythm, suppleness and enough spark to stand out in the show ring. At 5 she was inspected for the Main Studbook, with highlight 8’s for Head, Neck, Saddle Position, Type and Femininity; and she absolved a very good Mare Performance Test, including scores of 8, 7.5, 7.5 for W-T-C, as well as 7.5 and 8 for Jumping Technique and Scope.

Cheyna has had an exceptional broodmare career with her first filly EMC Seraphina MRF (by Sinatra Song) winning her foal inspection, her EMC title, and now triumphing at PSG and I1. Chenya has produced other beautiful fillies by Rubignon (now Elite Eligible), Damsey (Top Filly in 2014), Bretton Woods and First Ampere; her 2017 Furstenball filly Furstentanz was selected by Dr Christmann for the 2017 Albert Kley Memorial “Top Ten Foals” Award and is now a 1A prize mare.  Cheyna has gone on to produce a Furstenball colt and Buckingham colt.  What a fertile mare!  

Cheyna's full brother was the famous "Cabana Boy" owned by Hilltop Farm USA. She has another full brother Copa Cabana who is competing Intermediare II. 

Plans are to breed Cheyna to Von und Zu (Vitalis x Floriscount) or For Gold (Franziskus x Zack).  Then try to breed her to a Totilas son the year after.