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Ferryn P (Ferro x Bugatti)

Well - this one found her way into our fields and our heart.  I knew the breeder of this mare, Andrea Hayden from Prosperity Farms Florida USA.  And the damline of this mare came from a prolific breeding, of Mary Lou Pitz Winn.  Mary Lou, I had followed for YEARS, as I was a younger horse obsessed, very poor College student.  I loved her breeding, her quality mares and the consistency that she produced.  Long story short, I saw that Ferryn P was for sale, but didn't have the funds available.  Unbeknownst to me, she moved about 10 minutes down the road!  Fortunately for us, the owner was moving and we bought Ferryn.  She needed some tender loving care, teeth done, feet done, and lots of calories ... and in this time we just became as tight as best buds could be.  She's an absolute kind mare, who demands proper handling and with that, she will do whatever you ask.  I'm thrilled we have been chosen as her home and she has flourished in our care.  We did not have luck breeding her this year, however, we will try again next year! 

Plans are to breed her to Sylvester, the Sezuan son, or to Dante Weltino!

Ferryn pictures

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