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Dante Weltino x Diamond Hit

2017 Hanoverian Colt


Ditto (barn name) was born Saturday June 17th a the very respectable hour of 8:30 am.  He is such a large colt, we had to help mom get his shoulders through the birth canal.  

Ditto is a big strapping colt, with very long legs.  He very much has Daisy's sweet and dainty expression.  This colt is quite the talker, I am beyond impressed.  His first few times outside have showcased a huge lofty canter, and very fancy trot.  I expect even more wow's when he has unfolded even more.

This colt has been SOLD to a Maryland dressage rider.  I am so thrilled for this pairing, and expect great things a few years down the road.  Hilary plans to keep him as a stallion as well!

Ditto returned from his 2017 Hanoverian Inspection where he was in the call back ring.  Praised for his elasticity, superb canter, very good use of his joints, correct conformation and exceptional talent for the future.  We could not be more thrilled!

Wow - Just announced, Dante's Diamond has been selected as one of the top 10 Hanoverian foals in Canada!

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