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Meet Clayton and Shannon Brooks.  The farming duo who own the 100 year old farm in the blueberry capital of Canada!  Surrounded by woods, a little river gently rolls by and generates interest to many deer.  Our farm has 50+ acres with about half cleared for pasture land.  Our horses enjoy the great outdoors as was intended by nature.

Clayton Brooks grew up on a Dairy Farm in Sackville NB where he still helps out today and has worked with animals for his whole life.  He is a very talented carpenter and puts 100% into everything that he does.  Clayton is an immense help around the property.  From milling wood, mowing the hay fields, to holding a horse, he is my perfect partner!

Shannon Brooks grew up in a small village in Ontario, loving horses.  A local breeding farm bred Hanoverians, and they quickly became her favourite horse.  Their gentle nature, beauty, ability to piaffe and then jump a 5 foot fence amazed her.  As a young teen, she studied bloodlines, made many contacts with well respected breeders, and worked in the stables to learn as much as possible.  Shannon was a working student for Gina Smith as well as Jaimey and Tina Irwin, and learned a great deal about working with high level dressage horses and which bloodlines she desired.  Her College education through The Nova Scotia Agricultural College provided her with the knowledge to start her own business in the Equine world.  She works as a Registered Massage Therapist right from home which allows Shannon more freedom to spend time with her animals.  Her dream has been to raise high quality, well-bred Hanoverian horses with the athletic ability for whichever discipline you choose! 


As partners, Clayton and Shannon have been working at turning the old farm into a working horse farm.  Renovating the old barn, building new stalls, re-seeding pastures, leveling land, removing brush...little by little, day-by-day our dream keeps moving forwards!  Come visit and see our beautiful property...and experience the nicest horses around!

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