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Zhivago x Fidertanz

This colt was born with an instant love of people.  He's sweeter than honey, and a true 'old soul' personality.  An amateur riders dream horse, in a beautiful bay package.  He will be mid-sized and a looker in the show ring.  Sire, Zhivago is known to produce outstanding rideability and drool worthy temperaments.  Dam, Free to Be, has proven time and time again to be a consistent producer of in-demand sport-horses and top quality foals from the get go (TOP foals at inspections, top Dressage foal in Canada, etc.) Zen - your new best friend and partner!
SOLD - To Ontario and a super home!



<- Zen snuggling with 5 year old Everett. So trusting and lovable at such a young age. 

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