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Le Formidable x Floriscount

Boy oh boy, this colt came out with a ton of presence.  This boy is going places I tell ya!  Born June 2nd, L'Amore (Lovey), had conformation and initial movement that we knew is only going to get better and bigger as he unfolds and muscles up.  We were right.  The walk is an easy 10, through the body, huge over track.  The canter is so balanced, natural lead changes, transitions from walk - canter are engaged and uphill.  The trot will be super eye catching just like his sire and grand sire. 

His dam, Aria, had a under saddle career and an in-hand career where she did very well.  Her canter and walk were top class, as well as her rideability.  She will be my personal riding horse now that her time as a mommy is officially over.  I want to ride her <3

The sire, Le Formidable, is very well known for producing top selling foals at auctions in Europe and exceptional stallions/riding horses.  We are big fans of Bordeaux offspring.  Lovey is exceptional in every way. 

Priced at $22,500 USD -> $31,000 Canadian (before taxes)


Dished gorgeous face!

Just brand new!

Chatting with the other horses

Superb canter

L'Amore 4 days old

L'Amore 4 days old

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