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Buckingham (Bordeaux x Rousseau)

A sportsman from head to toe that´s how Buckingham presented himself at the licensing in Vechta in 2013.

Under the saddle he thoroughly accomplished the expectations and it was no surprise that he became the best dressage horse of his stallion performance test with a breeding value of 154 for dressage. His three fantastic basic gaits and his constant willingness to perform were rated with outstanding grades and the test riders were absolutely delighted: he got a 9,5 for his rideability.

This sportiness is no coincidence. Buckingham´s father Bordeaux was placed 4th at the World Championships of Young Dressage Horses with Eva Möller. And the dam´s sire Rousseau came second in these Championships in 2003 as well.

Scores at Buckingham’s performance test were very impressive:

Character 9.0
Temperament 9.0
Constitution 9.0
Willingness to Work: 9.0
Final Interior Score: 9.0

Trot: 9.0, 8.5, 9.0
Gallop: 9.5, 9.0, 9.25
Walk: 9.0, 8.0, 8.5
Work over terrain: 8.25, 8.0, 8.13
Rideability: 9.0, 9.50, 9.25
Jumping: 7.50, 7.33. Free Jumping: 7.50

Overall: 8.46
Dressage: 9.03
Jumping: 7.80

Dressage 154
Jumping 95

We are expecting a Buckingham foal in 2017, from our mare Cindy.

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