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Finale (Finest x Certus)

Very very excited to announce that our Finest foal is here!  And HE is HUGE!  Mom did great for her 12th foal.  This boy has legs that are ridiculously long, the sweetest "kiss me" face, a cuddly and snuggly personality, and is full of bling.  Boy was I surprised, since the sire usually seems to pass on black.  Cindy has reliably brought some white to her babies and always a star and snip.  Boy is he sweet.  We cannot wait to see him unfold more and move.  Finest foals are very popular and their owners rave about their movement and temperaments.  

*SOLD!* To Kerri-lyn in Virginia!

Dam Cindy has produced multiple foals, all which are the apples of their owners eyes.  Successful in Dressage and Hunter rings.  This is her final foal for us. 

*Fin returned from his inspection with fantastic comments about his type, good use of his hind end, self-confidence, good length of croup and big front shoulder.  He was super well behaved as well!*

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