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Flying High

Fabregas x Fidertanz filly

**Awarded Champion Dressage foal & Gold Medal Foal at her Hanoverian Inspection AND TOP DRESSAGE FOAL IN CANADA!!!**

This is a top class filly. Inspector Dr. Christmann had this to say about Flying High “Very typey, very elegant, correct in her legs … She has a super trot. Very light-footed, easy, elastic, uphill. Good from behind, lots of freedom of the shoulder … The walk is also really good, lots of rhythm, suppleness … "

Flying High was born June 10th, at the very reasonable hour of 7pm (Thank you Freebie!)  Born outdoors, full of vigor and a 'can do' attitude from her first breath.  Flashy with 4 whites, a beautiful blaze, and very correct conformation, this '4'-peat is destined for stardom.  Full siblings, Flying Colours, Flying Machine and Flying Free each hold many awards to their names (from top & reserve foals at their foal inspections, to in-hand champions, top 10 in Canada, high scorers at dressage shows ...)


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