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Bon Courage x Diamond Hit

Borealis, born during the Northern Lights is a striking bay colt with a beautiful star and one sock.  He is incredibly personable, absolutely loves people and all the scratches he gets.  Bo is extremely correct and showcases an exceptional walk, trot with a lot of hind leg power, and an uphill canter.  Plus the most lovely stallion neck and strong topline.  We expect him to mature around the 16-16.2 height, and with his incredible temperament, he truly will be someone's best friend.  If he were a filly, we would be keeping that one!  Also, there are very very few Bon Courages in North America (I believe this is the first in Canada), and Bon Courage has produced exceptionally well in Europe.  Dam Diamond Days, has already proven time and time again that she is a superb producer.  Gold Medal Foals and Top Foal in Canada.  She's a solid producer of wonderful horses.   Priced at $20,000 USD ($27,500 Canadian plus taxes)

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