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Payment Plans

Many potential buyers inquire to me about the possibility of payment options to buy their dream foal.  These are always an option.  We were only able to purchase the mares we have here via the generous option of payment plans.  Each payment plan is tailored to the individual buyer.  Typically, what we will do, if the payment plan is not completed by the time the foal is weaned, we will have to charge board of $250 US/month.  We can only do short term boarding as we just don't have the space for longer term.  All farrier/vet payments are the buyers bill, and insurance is a must have. 

For in-utero foals from our proven producing, imported pedigree bloodlines, all we require is 10% down before the foal is born (refundable if the foal does not pass the 24 hour health check completed by our vet).  Once the foal is safely on the ground, we can start the payment plan that we have agreed upon beforehand.  If the foal is not purchased in-utero, the foal pricing will typically increase once the foal unfolds and we can see the quality of movement. 

We can help make your dream of a top Hanoverian dressage foal a reality.  Let's work together and make it happen!

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