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Wet, cold, mucky spring, ick!

Spring is here, and so is the rain. All across North America is seems., and we in the East have watched everyone else get the huge amounts of rain and waited for it to come to us. And here it is. And with a heavily pregnant mare waiting to have her baby, I have told her many times "Freebie, you are to wait until the rain stops and the ground dries before having your baby." Well, she seems to be taking that to heart. She is now at Day 342. Her calcium is spot on, and pH is dropping. Was 6.4 last night, so we expect a baby in a few days. Fingers crossed for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

Building season is coming ... if it ever dries up that is! Our hay barn/run-in shed is the next big project coming and hopefully will be complete and ready for the next two mares foaling.

Serene is growing up nicely. Still has kept her winter coat, which is wise with the cold unseasonable weather. We have been working on separating her from the herd and working with her one on one. She has a good mind, and looks towards her human as her leader. Here is a picture of us walking through the woods. Still very pretty even in the funny growth stages all horses go through.

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