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COVID-19 (& more)

Well well well. Chatting to you here in self-isolation. Really enjoying life on the farm, and all the space and freedom we have here to escape to. What a crazy time though. We did not expect it to ever get to this level. My massage business shut down last week, Clay's work is considered 'non-essential' so the three of us are all home for who knows how long. We were supposed to take a week vacation to Cuba March 27th, but we have rescheduled of course. I am focusing on cleaning out closets and drawers which have 'possibly' been neglected for a while.

All the horses are doing well. Winter has been SUPER (thank goodness!) All the babies are growing and are healthy/happy. A few of the weanlings were supposed to leave in spring, but since the borders are closed, we will wait it out until travel has been resumed.

Happy news. Elite Mare Safira (Sandro Hit x SPS Bolero) is looking quite pregnant to Dauphin (Donnerhall x Feiner Stern). We were expecting 2 foals this year, but it looks like Freebie slipped her foal ... so seeing Safira obviously pregnant, makes me so happy. We cannot wait to see what this foal will look like! I feel that this pairing is very complementary and I expect a dynamic dark coloured dressage foal. Tightly crossing my fingers and hoping no issues for Safira for the rest of her pregnancy and an easy foaling. She is a complete DOLL. Super loving temperament, great babysitter to the weanlings, excellent MPT scores, TOP damline. Really a wonderful producer.

Breeding plans are still going ahead despite the virus. As far as I am aware, the UPEI is still taking mares in for breeding. We will probably send Havannah and Safira there for breeding. I'm hoping that I can get a vet out for teeth and breeding cultures next month, but that probably will be considered non-essential.

My frozen semen should be here before too long, barring any delays. Plans are:

Danciero or Zoom to EM Safira

Ibiza or Franklin to Havannah

Erdinger or Sylvester to Diamond Days

Rockefeller to Freebie

Be safe everyone!

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