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Spring has sprung ...

Enter mud season.

Mud, I hate mud with a passion. But at least the birds are back, and we can see the first little sprigs of grass starting. Not enough for the horses to get a belly full of yet, so we are still supplementing with round bale hay.

Our little maternity field has been cleaned, cleared of old hay, and harrowed. We will be putting some fertilizer and seed down before too long in hopes of being ready for Freebie's foal (314 days today!)

Spring/summer plans are numerous. We will be fencing another 3/4 acres right next to out current maternity field. Both sides will have a shared run-in shelter that can be opened or closed to allow horses into one field. These run-in shelters will be attached to a small hay barn where we will finally be able to store our winter round bale hay. Yippee! We plan to borrow a back hoe and put tile drains in each field to help combat the wet spring/fall and sometimes wet winters that we have on the East Coast. Then add some more crusher dust around the gates since that worked amazingly well.

Speaking of babies, Freebie's is right around the corner. Although she is not looking ready to 'pop' yet. No udder, still quite firm behind. She's normally foaled between 330-345 days., so I expect we will have a few more weeks to wait. And I'm fine with that. I really do prefer mid May/June babies with all the wet and muddy conditions we have. Attached is a picture of Freebie's very first baby "Flying Colours" He is coming 3, and looks amazing. We cannot wait to see the 3rd sibling from this cross, and this foal is offered for sale :)

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