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Babies are here!

Well, 2 out of 3 have arrived. Daisy had an AMAZING Secret filly, named Sidera (pictured above with my son Everett) She is built like a mini GP horse, and really resembles Secret. We adore everything about her. Fantastic cannot be beat temperament, and superb movement. We will repeat this cross for a long time! We have had so much interest on this filly, from in-utero and many serious potential buyers. Hopefully she will be headed to the best home I could ever imagine for her. Details soon! Freebie had another regal chestnut with bling filly by Fabregas. We named her Flying High. She is very elastic, modern type, leggy, and a really 'look at me' attitude. She will be a major show off in the dressage ring. A top prospect, and one who will go far. We've had quite a bit of interest in this filly too, just still awaiting her person ...

We've bred Safira, although a strange cycle, and she's a tougher mare for me to ultrasound. I don't feel confident in what I was seeing (or not seeing) on the ultrasound. She ovulated quickly, and we bred and did a few days of post breeding flush/infusion treatments. We check this week. I'm crossing my fingers and toes, but we will just have to wait and see what happens! Daisy kept us busy over my birthday weekend with ultrasounding every 6 hours. She was bred July 1st with Secret once again. Freebie came into heat too quickly, so we will wait for her next cycle and she will be bred to Rockefeller.

Clay's been a busy boy again. He put tile drainage in the maternity field to reduce the mud, just put tiles in the main winter field today. Hopefully this will help with the wet winters/springs we've been having. I hate having horses standing in mud, so fingers crossed this helps! He's also cleared a section for a riding ring and round pen, and we are hoping to get a bulldozer in and start the riding ring soon! Eventual plans are to clear behind the riding ring and put anther field in with a run-in shelter, attached stalls, crusher dust/sacrifice paddocks so we can board a few friends horses and keep foals for longer if need be. I'm ever thankful of Clay's talents with building and wood working.

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