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PEI Hanoverian Inspection results & breeding news

We had our very first Hanoverian inspection since Covid where we were allowed to travel and participate in a show. Always a hectic and busy time, but nice to get out and see folks and their lovely foals once again.

We brought 2 foals this year, our Ellis x Diamond Hit colt and our For Romance x Hotline filly. Both foals were Gold Medal awarded and Felda was named the Top Foal of the Inspection. What a thrill! These two foals are exceptional and we really look forward to seeing them grow up with their new owners.

Onto our breeding news, we had an exceptional year. We have 2 Secret foals coming in 2023 from Daisy (a repeat of Sidera), and another from our Hotline mare Havannah. Freebie our Fidertanz mare is in foal to Rapture R. Quartana who unfortunately slipped her Epic Eastwood foal, is back in foal to Bon Coeur. And our newest mare, Fantine's Aria, is in foal to the exceptional stallion Iron. Five foals due in 2023, yikes!

With that news, our super producing Fidertanz mare Freebie, is offered for sale. She's been a wow producer for us, top foals, premium mares, in-hand winners, excellent horses all around. Message me if you'd like more info!

No new barn for us this year, with all things covid and the extreme over priced materials and costs. Hopefully we will get the chance to build soon though! I've been very patient haha.

Below are pics from the summer. Freebie's black dot pregnancy. Eli and Felda. And our lovely stallion prospect in Europe. Escamillo x Vivaldi x Fidertanz. Hopefully selling soon at auction.


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