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2021 - positive thoughts for the best year yet!

2021 - it's going to be the year of working our butts off to get mares pregnant. Giving 110% as I've got big plans for the future.

Plans as of today are EM Safira embryo transfer to Gaudi (Totilas) then carry a Florida TN (For Dance x Zack)

Freebie carry a Rubinio NRW (Rubin Royal)

Havannah to carry a Dimaggio Black/Franklin/Fusionist

Daisy to carry an Ellis (Escolar)

*New mare* to carry a Von und Zu (Vitalis x Floriscount) or For Gold (Franziskus x Zack)

*Possibly* ET with the Dante Weltino x Diamond Hit filly we bred, who lives in the USA, if the stars (and bank account) align - or wait another year.

With these plans, we will have to expand. Clear land, level, and build a hopeful 5 stall barn, wash stall, tack/feed room, 2-3 standing stalls for Everett's Dairy calves and a pony. Then have it attached to Clay's garage that has been "in the plans" for YEARS. This barn will be attached to 3-5 acres of pasture. Will see if I can make this happen :) My riding ring, also a big plan that has always been pushed, hopefully will be started this year.

We will be getting a Golden Retriever puppy this summer. We horribly miss our dear Abby who we lost in November 2020 to bone cancer. There's been a huge void in our lives, and this puppy will help fill it I am sure. We are going to get into a bit of dog showing, and get this puppy's OFA clearances done and hope to breed her in a few years time if she is a worthy candidate.

We are majorly hoping our stud colt in Europe pans out. If he makes it to the licensing, we will announce his details. He has an amazingly exciting pedigree, but with everything, it is a risk. Exciting nonetheless.

Havannah is due in 20ish days with her Zoom foal. The filly option is sold. Hoping for an easy drama free birth. Stay tuned for baby photos :)


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