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Weaning times - oh what a sad day

Fall means cooler weather, shorter days and separating babies from moms. A sad time for the foals and a very happy/relieveing time for the mommas. Moms have zero issues, rarely any calls to their kiddos. Off to eat and enjoy baby free time, no responsibilities for another year!

Zen and Zippy were weaned together and have since traveled onto their new homes in Ontario. Both great youngsters and we await news on how their growing up goes. It's always a strange time, sad to see them go but so incredibly excited for them to meet this owners!

Silva gets her coggins and health export done this week and then will be weaned from mother Daisy. We expect her to be on a trailer before the end of the month. And are going to be bringing Quartana, our newest broodmare home from New Jersey. Quartana pictured above and Zen (Zhivago x Fidertanz) with his owner.

We have 3 foals coming in 2022. A For Romance x Hotline, Ellis x Diamond Hit (SOLD) and a Epic Eastwood x Quartana (SOLD). We have plans for next season, including adding on another young broodmare or two, and potentially selling one of our broodmares.

We finally have gotten a good start on our outdoor riding ring. Measuring 100 x 270. Excavator was out and filled in all the holes where the birch trees previously were, ditched around all 4 sides, and leveled it to a 1% grade. Now we let it rest for the winter and then when the ground is very dry next year we add the base and sand. No cheap endeavour but a necessary one.

Also are hoping to get some government money and help in building a new facility and expanding our program substantially. My winter project, as it involves writing a new business plan, talk with the bank, having blue prints drawn up, adding something innovative to the build in order to get the funds ... no easy feat, but we will try for it!

No real breeding plans for next season. Another winter job, although I know I want to keep using the E lines consistently. I believe that is the way of the breeding world right now. E lines add rideability, temperament and much ability.


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