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WE are still chugging along here!

August already, oh how time flies by. Lots to report. We have 2 frozen semen pregnancies, Havannah to For Romance and Daisy to Ellis. Super excited about those

two! Freebie looked to have had twins, but alas they were brand new cysts that just appeared. So we will breed her again. Safira will be bred with fresh again, and hope to have a pregnancy. IF not, she will retire and be babysitter to the weanlings.

Our riding ring is awaiting for good dry weather to get started. We are so thankful for all this rain, compared to our long dry summers of late. However, I would like to get this ring started! It's taking a long while .... but patience will prevail!

Our long awaited Golden Retriever puppy will be on her way east mid August. We are so excited to meet Bailey. Lots of big plans for her, including showing and hopefully she will pass all the required tests to be our foundation breeding pup!

Plans for a new breeding mare this year unfortunately came to a quick halt, when the mare did not conceive with 2 doses of excellent frozen semen. Now we are looking at buying a young 3 year old in the USA, impregnate her, and buy a 2 year old in 2022 from the same farm. Then we will have 2 exceptional youngsters to continue forward with our program. It is a pricey endeavor but we want the best mares possible to breed forward with, and we believe we have that with these 2 fillies. More to come as things are figured out!

All our 2021 foals are sold (pictured above) All to amazing homes! So happy with how everything went this year. Very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people along this journey <3


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