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Oh November ...

Hello all,

The wood furnace is cooking the house, so nice and toasty. But hard to get motivation. Lots has gone on this year. The good and the bad. Let's start with the good.

We have 3 foals coming next year which is exciting! Zoom x Havannah, Zhivago x Freebie and Spörcken x Diamond Days. Yes, we finally got Daisy pregnant after trying many times, I knew she needed something extra. Her culture was clean, vet recommended to keep on breeding, however I finally convinced one vet to do a pre-breeding flush for biofilm, and bingo she was pregnant. I need to listen to my spidey senses more often. It would have saved me lots of $$!

We had a WONDERFUL Dauphin x EM Sandro Hit filly in July. She is just a hoot. Full of personality and life. Never shows off her movement, just bounces, hops, jumps. All of the above. What a joy she is. She has been sold to a wonderful home in Vermont! So happy with this pairing!

Breeding plans for 2021. Well we have big plans of course. EM Safira we want to use fresh semen and try for an ET. Gaudi is one we will try. Secret frozen is another for her to carry. Freebie will go with Finnigan. Havannah to Viva Gold or Escamillo. And Daisy we will try an ET with Bon Coeur and then to carry a Escamillo or Q line (still not sure yet)

Now the sad side of things. Our wonderful, happy, loving Golden Retriever was diagnosed with bone cancer in September. She was my heart and soul, involved in everything I do. My walking/running partner, always had her head on my lap. She had a wonderful love for everyone and everything. We had to let her go in November, peacefully in our backyard. She now rests under her favourite apple tree. Gone too soon. My heart hurts. I am hoping we can find another Golden to join our family. Once a Golden family, always a Golden family.

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