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Foaling season 2018 is DONE!

Huge sigh of relief. Daisy and Cindy both had two healthy foals, good foalings. Cindy retained her placenta for 12 hours, had to manually massage it out ... and of course some pieces were stuck in her. More flushes, and meds ... she seems healthy right now. Hopefully that remains the case!

Daisy's baby, "Diamond Eclipse" aka. Luna is absolutely outstanding quality. Bigger mover than last year's colt, Ditto. She is a total wow in my books. And has sold once again to Hilary Moore-Hebert.

Cindy's colt "Finale" aka. Fin is just 2 days old and still unfolding. We just adore his personality and temperament. So sweet and loving. He will be officially listed for sale shortly.

Breeding wise, we have had a tougher season. Our Free to Be didn't catch with Royal Classic semen (crummy semen though), so we have just bred her back to Fabregas. She's had 3 Fabregas foals before and each one has been a wow. It is a golden cross, one I would happily keep on doing.

We should be breeding Daisy soon, and hopefully we will have good luck with her. We also have a new mare, who did not catch with frozen in the States, during that horrible wave of heat they had. Unfortunately, none of the mares in that area bred that same time caught. Semen apparently doesn't like extreme heat. Ouch for me and my wallet :( But we will try try again as she has to be in foal before she comes here. Details once she is confirmed in foal.

That is all the news for now! Will post more with hopefully pretty pics of black dots. Pics below of Luna.

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