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Spring soon please

Holy, what a miserable winter. Started in November, with super cold temps ... December and part of January were okay with good footing and reasonable temperatures. Mid January and all February has plainly sucked. 10 cm's snow, then plus 5, 15-20ml's rain, then flash freeze. And repeat multiple times. It is literally a skating rink out there. The main horse pasture is pretty good with all the crusher dust, soot, salt and sand we put out there, but the un-used pastures are awful. Ice is my nemesis. I wound up falling on my way to the barn, bent my knee over backwards, and am still not quite healed. Awaiting an MRI to see if I tore anything. Lovely.

I will be excited for mud. Never thought I would say that, but please mud over ice any day. I worry so much about the girls, but they cannot live indoors the entire winter either. I'd love an indoor arena with attached stalls, but that will have to wait.

Freebie's and Daisy's babies are going to be here early June. Hopefully will have Safira bred by that point as well. The two newbies, Safira and Havannah are dolls. I adore them and am so thrilled with our mare herd now. It feels complete and high quality. Below, a photo of the winter girls when it was just snow and nice footing.

Sadly, we had to put Cindy down this winter. She was a sweet mare, and made her mark. So patient and kind, a loving mom and easy horse to look after. We miss her loving nicker and sweet sighs. She's no longer in pain and is watching her babies from above. We love you Cindy!

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