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February Blahs into a hopefuly March melt

Holy moly, what a winter we've been having. I know, I know, everyone has been saying this, but it really has been very demanding. Snow over our fences, roof's that need clearing, constant shoveling....but alas, spring is in sight! Shedding horses, longer days, and breeding plans coming to fruition! Below a picture of Clayton and Abby walking next to our buried 5 foot fence yikes!)

2015 is proving to be an exciting one. At the end of March, I will be partaking in a course held in New Glasgow, NS, at Sumac Farms. Dr. Jim Kubiak, from The Breeder's Assitant, will be flying in from California to teach a course on how to ultrasound, AI, DHI, and do embryo transfer on the mare! I am so excited to do this course! Especially, since we are so far away from the nearest repro vet, this is truly what makes the most sense.

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