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Summer 2015 Updates

Well, we have had another very busy summer. A run-in shed has been built for the girls complete with 2 hay racks. Next year, we plan on putting in a curtain to keep the flies/bugs outside. This summer, we had to bring the horses in during the day and then out at night since the horse flies and deer flies were especially bad. But hopefully with the purchase of a biting fly trap, fly parasites, and the run-in, summer 2016 will be much improved.

Our ultrasound arrived early August, and through the help of our vets and good friends, we were able to breed Cindy with fresh semen from Schwarzenegger and confirmed her in foal! With this being my first breeding season, and still learning the ins and outs of ultrasounding, using fresh semen made the most sense until I can get my confidence up. We followed two of Daisy's cycles, but she had started to go into fall transition. The plan is to start breeding her early spring. We will try an ET with Schwarzenegger and have her carry a Dante Weltino baby. I was SO disappointed that the funding arrived late in the season, but this has been a fabulous learning experience and I'm excited for next season. (Pic below is the Day 12 embryo!)

For early 2016, we hope to finish the 2.5 acre pasture, add a run-in shed there as well, build a garage and build a set of stocks. When Cindy gets close to foaling, we may put in a temporary fence so she can go in and out of her foaling stall and have some grass during the day. She is due in July, and I am quite excited as the full sibling is tall, powerful mover, and very dual purpose. This foal will be for sale for a reasonable price. Cindy will also be for sale after foaling this summer. She will be in-foal. Possibly to Sir Gregory, Schwarzenegger, Dauphin, or a frozen semen sire. Offers welcome!

We have a new mare arriving next fall 2016. All will be quiet until she arrives, but what I can say, is I've had my eye on her for a while. She's a spectacular producer, outstanding mover, and will really add more quality to our broodmare herd! I'm very excited!

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