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Well, I am SO excited to announce, that we have two frozen semen babies coming next season! A Dante Weltino (Danone I x Welt Hit II) x Diamond Days (Diamond Hit x Romancero) at the end of June and a Buckingham (Bordeaux x Rousseau) x Cindy (Certus x Welfenschatz) at the beginning of July.

What a whirlwind of a breeding season. Not only do I have a 4 month old infant to look after, as well as a home based business, ultrasounding mares seemed to take that much longer with so much on the go. And yes, I admit, I struggled early in the season with what I was seeing, but through perseverance and the wonderful help of my friends and vets, we have two pregnancies! I used 1/2 a dose of Dante Weltino and one full dose of Buckingham on Cindy's foal heat (Day 10 she ovulated.) What good girls :) We are also excited to have a third mare coming to the farm this fall, in foal as well. The first pic is the Dante Weltino embryo in the left horn (Day 18) and a Day 15 Buckingham embryo in the uterine body.

Dante Weltino has been on the world's radar with qualifying for the Olympic Games in Rio, however luck was not on his side, and he did not pass the jog. However, he is young and will be hopefully ready for the 2020 games! Below are pictures and a video of the beautiful Dante Weltino.

Buckingham has been on my radar since he won his performance testing. The combination of Bordeaux and Rousseau was very interesting, and when I saw the video of him moving, I immediately thought a super choice for Cindy. He is ridiculously elastic and swings so nicely throughout his back. That combined with the superior rideability in his pedigree and the Holsteiner influence of Cindy's, should make a athletic and attractive foal. "In Adelheidsdorf, Buckingham, who was licensed in Vechta, was awarded scores of 9.0 to 9.5 an unbelievable 15 times. In the end, Buckingham stood well above his competitors with a final score of 9.03 with emphasis on dressage and a weighted final score of 8.46. " Below are a video and pictures of Buckingham.

Both of these foals will be for sale. Contact Shannon for more information!

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