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Fall 2016

Summer is winding down here on the farm. A few more little projects to do before we are winter ready. Staining the remainder of the new fence, put some crusher dust around the gates and run in shelters, check all the fences, etc.

Little Serene is growing leaps and bounds every day. She is shedding out to this gorgeous dark bay. Darker than her mom. She has a very fun and engaging personality and is so eye-catching with her markings. We now have Daisy out in the field with Serene and Cindy. Serene is very curious, but at the same time a little scared of this new horse. A few more days and I'm sure they will be good buds. I'm quite pleased with the movement I am seeing from Serene. She has a very athletic uphill canter, and her trot has good suspension and lift with a well engaged rear end. The walk is smooth and flowing. And even with the funny growth spurts foals go through, she has remained uphill in her movement. Serene is available for sale and will be suitable for many disciplines. She will be branded early October and ready for her new home at the end of December.

Both Cindy and Daisy are nearing 60 days of pregnancy. I am hoping to try and see if I can sex the fetuses. Then they will be posted for sale in-utero. And exciting news, my new mare who is also in-foal will be arriving sometime in October. She is a very exciting addition, one who has produced champion foals not only at their inspections, but at in hand classes as well. I am counting down the days ...

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