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Freebie has arrived!

The wait is over!! Freebie arrive October 19th, after a good two and a half day drive from Ontario. She is such a sweet mare, very similar to Daisy in that way. She will just soak up the attention and wants you all to herself. She is absolutely gorgeous. I must thank Kathleen Richardson once again of Sunnydays Hanoverians for selling her to me! This picture below is of Daisy and Freebie meeting outside for the first time.

Now I feel so incredibly lucky to have 3 wonderful, and very different mares. Freebie, I believe, is the biggest mover on the farm. Just look at that free shoulder!! She has an incredibly active rear end too. We are having fun making matches for her potential suitors in spring 2017. On the list so far are Royal Classic and Bonds (Benicio x Sir Donnerhall). I am hoping to try an embryo transfer so she can carry two foals for us. We will see how things go of course!

Serene, our 2016 Schwarzenegger filly, is growing leaps and bounds. She is still a very pretty girl and has elegant movement, and loads of knee action. She will be weaned early December and is looking for her person! Her price is negotiable. Be sure to check out her page!

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