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Serene is weaned!

Another first! We had planned to wean Serene earlier on in the winter, but with all the ice we've had, we had to wait until better conditions. Weaning went exceptionally well. Mom, Cindy, is an old pro at this, so just a few little nickers, and then back to the hay pile she went. Serene, on the other hand, was not so impressed. "Why did you take Mommy away?!"

I wished I had my camera. She can really move, I was quite impressed. Even in her frantic state, she showed very nice movement. I did snap this shot day 2 of weaning. Serene with her babysitter, and best buddy, Daisy. Both Freebie and Daisy have been very good to Serene. Everyone has stayed quiet, and I think that has helped with her progressing through this tough time. Serene will be 6 months tomorrow! (Wow!)

Now the time has come for breeding choices. I plan on breeding Daisy (Diamond Hit) either back to Dante Weltino depending on how her 2017 looks. I'd like to try and embryo transfer on her, as I SO want to ride this mare. She is truly one of a kind, and when I did ride her as a 3 year old, she felt amazing. My other two options are Lissaro Van de Helle and Bon Coeur. Both I plan on using on her in the future.

For Cindy, I've hummed and hawed over trying a jumper with her. I love Levisonn (Holsteiner, and a gorgeous grey) ... however, I keep on coming back to Finest. I tried Finest on her a few years ago, and no luck. But since I do my own breeding ... I may try it once again, with a back up to Bon Coeur. I've seen a few AMAZING Bon Coeur's out of jumper lined mares (have a good dose of Holsteiner blood in them (Cindy does too :) ) So that is another option.

Freebie (Fidertanz) ... another one I've struggled with deciding. I was thinking of the young Benicio x Sir Donnerhall son Bonds, but I have decided to breed her to Belissimo (sire of Benicio, and widely renowned for producing amazing temperaments.) I would like to try an embryo transfer on her as well. Her back up's would be Floriscount and San Amour. All would suit this big moving mare to a tee.

So we will see how things go with foaling and re-breeding. Embryo transfer is exciting but also scary. The extra expense, is probably the scariest issue to consider. I am lucky in the fact that I have learned how to do ET in my breeding course in 2015 ... but the first few times are scary! Flushing is not too bad, but it's the lining up the recipients and finding that little teeny tiny embryo ... But I'm sure I can do it :)

All of these future foals will be for sale. Please let me know early if you are interested!

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