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Babies are just around the corner!!

Even though we are in February, and it's the shortest month ... It can be bitterly cold and very stormy. So far we've had a destructive ice storm, and it looks like more ice and snow is in the forecast. Winter please be nice to us! The horses are staying outdoors as much as possible ... I really do not like to have them in, unless the weather makes it too dangerous for them to be outdoors. The mares have blankets on, free choice hay, and shelter. Serene will usually hide out in her run-in shelter and wait out the storm. And she has the thickest winter coat I've ever seen ... at least she is toasty warm!

As you can see, I've been having some fun making collages. I am really eager to meet these babies, and think they will all be exceptional. Contact me if you are interested in any of the offerings ... prices will be going up once the foals are on the ground!

I've made my list of items that need to be done this year. We have quite the list ... We will need a hay barn for round bales, and I'd like 4 extra 12 x 12 stalls for extra horse storage in bad weather. We will build this ourselves, and hopefully have some help from our neighbours too. We also will finish the 3/4 acre pasture, and have it hook up to the back 3.5 acres which we will finish fencing as well. Another run-in shelter, and fence off the perimeter, just in case we have any escapees (my biggest worry!!) Lots to do, but I know we can get it all done!

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