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Our first baby is here! And she is a WOW!

Freebie finally decided to have her Fabregas (Florencio/De Niro baby). I knew she was getting closer, just based on the milk tests that we had been doing. I checked her at 3 am on the 19th, and saw she had a little bit of wax on her teats ... so knew we were within 24 hours of foaling. At 4:15 am the foaling alarm went off, and I raced out there. The filly was out, but couldn't break through the sac ... I am so thankful I was able to be there quickly, or we could have lost her. This foaling alert system that goes on their halter is worth the money, and the false alarms!

Flying Free, aka. Fancy, is a super strong filly right off the bat. Didn't need any help finding the milk bar, very much an independent, confident, and full of life little filly. I am smitten with her. All foals are for sale, as much as my heart really wants to keep this doll of a filly. I am incredibly impressed with her movement even at such a young age. She is built uphill, really moves through her back, her walk shows tons of over track, she will dance around doing lead changes like no one's business. She is truly amazing. And such a looker! Plus, her two full brothers have been ridiculously successful at in hand shows in the States, plus were both Champions at their Hanoverian foal inspections too. Fancy is following suit :-)

Fancy is offered for sale at $14 500 USD.

We cannot forget about Serene, our 2016 Hanoverian filly. I went out in the pasture to spend some time with the mares, and suddenly, I thought, wow she doesn't look like a little weanling anymore! Incredible! I took a short little video, and I think she is maturing wonderfully. She is for sale, asking $7700 USD.

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