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2017 Hanoverian Inspection - PEI

What a whirlwind! Such a busy and exciting week. We took two mares and two foals down to the Hanoverian inspection in PEI. Bonnie (Buckingham) and Cindy stayed behind with yearling Serene. Bonnie will be outreach branded later this fall.

Both Ditto and Fancy had their first trailer ride, and first time off the property, first time using the clippers, first braids, etc. Lots of new experiences for these two! Both handled everything very well, the trailer was scary at first but as long as mom was there, they were as good as gold.

Both babies were exhausted from the trip and napped during their braiding sessions and splayed out on braider Amanda Coggins. She loved them both!

Flying Free (Fabregas/Fidertanz) was the favourite of many being so flashy with her white socks and striking blaze (plus gorgeous liver chestnut coat!) She showed off well, praised for her strong build, great neck, good use of her joints and hind end. She was Reserve Champion foal of the show! We are very proud of her.

Dante's Diamond (Dante Weltino x Diamond Hit) was so full of beans after being cooped up for what seemed like forever I'm sure. He was a fire cracker and showed off the moves I had been telling owner Hilary Moore-Hebert about. I'm so happy he fully expressed his movement potential there. I feel this is a foal that has the potential for high level dressage. Dr. Christmann felt the same way. Praising his very powerful hind end, elasticity, superb canter, and exceptional talent for dressage. I am so excited for his future! Ditto made it in the callback ring. We were SO thrilled to have both mares and foals called back ... a huge honour!

Thanks to all that helped make this day go so smoothly!

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