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Albert Kley Awards & Foal updates!

Well, I am chuffed. Flying Free and Dante's Diamond have BOTH been awarded the top 10 foal awards in Canada. We are beyond thrilled, and so happy to have bred Dante's Diamond and to have purchased Flying Free in-utero (who we knew from the previous two Fabregas foals was certain to be a star).

Flying Free is still looking for a new owner, but I am certain she will find the perfect competition home before too long.

We are also SO thrilled to announce that Bonne Fête, our Buckingham/Certus filly, has found the most perfect home in Virginia with a rider/trainer who just fell in love with her. I feel this is the best situation and look forward to watching Bonnie and Kerri move up the levels!

Fingers crossed we will be checking mares at the end of September when Daisy should be close to 60 days in foal. We will also be double checking Freebie and Cindy to confirm they are not in foal ... I have my suspicions ...

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