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Surprise Pregnancy + more

Well well well. Call it woman's intuition ... but I KNEW that Cindy was pregnant. She is almost 20 years old ... before when she was at Ruth's in PEI, we tried to breed her to Finest, one of the most gorgeous Furstenball sons out there. We used one full dose, and had really top notch vets do the repro work ... and no luck. But since Cindy has been here, she has caught 3 times ... once with fresh, and two times with frozen ... and Finest is not known for superior semen. What a fertile mare! And the funny thing is, since I do my own repro work, I ultrasounded her, but wasn't quite sure what I was seeing ... so threw 3 straws in (half a dose), and said, we'll see in 14 days! 14 days comes, and I look and look, and cannot find anything. But I just knew she was pregnant when her alpha mare position was taken over by our chestnut mare Freebie ... this would never ever happen. Checked at 70 days along, and wouldn't you know it, we have a baby. When I purchased Cindy, I desperately wanted to use a Furstenball son on her, but knowing she was older, and his frozen was iffy, I didn't get my hopes up. But now, I'm a little bit excited. I expect dark coated, very pretty and typey, and a nice mover. Finest foals are VERY popular, as they should be! A fun mount for an ammy with talent for a pro. Offered at $11 500 USD in-utero. Pictured below is drool worthy Finest.

The next bit of good news is our Diamond Hit mare Daisy, is back in foal to the superstar Dante Weltino. We lucked out with only using 2 straws and she is pregnant once again. Love these fertile boys and mares! This foal is sold to repeat buyer, Hilary Moore-Hebert, who is thrilled with her Dante's Diamond. He is an outstandingly powerful colt. We are very happy with this pairing!

Freebie didn't catch twice to Belissimo, however, we split the dose and she had a bad reaction with breeding on her foal heat ... so I cannot quite entirely blame the mare here. I am a little bit gun shy with using Belissimo again, so will try some other frozen stallions early in the season. We love what Freebie produces. Her 2017 filly Flying Free had to be the easiest going foal we've ever had. Speaking of Fancy, she is now under contract to a top FEI Dressage home. Expect to see her shine in the rings throughout North America in a few years.

Happy fall!

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