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Bye bye Babies!

Sad and exciting - two strange emotions to feel all at the same time. Excitement that we have bred beautiful foals who are loved by their new owners ... excitement to see them grow ... excitement to hear about all the new things they will learn ... but also the sadness of not seeing these two extra sweet and snugly babies every morning. Both Bonnie and Ditto have left for their new homes. So many firsts for them. It was the first time on a trailer for Bonnie, and she was perfect! 24 hours in a trailer, and then home to Maryland where Bonnie stayed for a week before traveling to Virginia. Big adjustments for these two babies. And big adjustments for us here too! We are so thrilled with these homes, and so happy the owners love their Little River Hanoverian's babies!

Fancy will be leaving in a week's time to Quebec. Another goodbye.

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