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New Year brings new excitement + future plans

2017 was a year that we can really be proud of. 3 superb foals, 3 superb homes to raise our precious babies. Flying Free (Fancy) made it to her home in Quebec before the storms and extreme cold weather arrived. We will miss her greatly, but she is in a wonderful home that loves her.

We decided to get a logo made by Maria Ross. We are hoping to have our own jackets/shirts made before too long. We think Maria did a wonderful job!

Yearling Serene is really coming into herself. I am quite impressed with what I am seeing. She is priced at $13 000 Canadian (plus tax) and we feel is worth every penny.

We have been busy preparing for our breeding season for 2019 foals. Just a few more frozen semen stallions to purchase for our tank, and maybe buy a fresh semen contract from Fabregas. We are hoping to try a few embryo transfers this year ... either using the vet in PEI's recipient herd or using a few local girls' QH mares as recipients. We will figure that all out shortly.

We have spoken for a 'hopeful' 2019 foal. The dam is highly decorated, with bloodlines that will only push our breeding program in the right direction. The dam is SPS, with a fantastic MPT, daughters who have had super MPT's as well, super temperament, damline extraordinaire, we are quite excited and hopefully there will be a black dot in a few months time (think filly thoughts!)

We have more plans for the upcoming summer, as part of building our small farm. Fence off the back 3.5 acres, add a few solar heaters to the further fields (no more breaking ice in the winter time!). We would like to build a round pen near the main barn, and hopefully will hire someone to build us a very well draining riding ring. Hopefully build a garage and do some work on our house. Thank goodness I have a handy hubby who likes to build and fix the many things around the farm!

Long term plans: extend the main field by another 4-5 acres or so ... it is wetter terrain and full of brush, so would have to have drainage put in more than likely. I'd like to completely turn over the main field, re-fertilize, lime it and remove some of the clay soil. A future indoor riding ring with stalls attached is the big long term plan. Also I'm hoping to import a few fillies from Europe to raise as broodmare prospects and/or riding horses for sales/personal. The big future goal is to have a few foals of my own/purchased from auctions, to raise to riding horses & show/sell. Good to have dreams/goals :)

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