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2016 ... the year of the babies!

A year of firsts. We had a baby boy April 22nd, 2016 ... Everett Harold Brooks is a sweet little boy! Then July 20th, we welcomed Serene (Schwarzenegger x Certus) a beautiful filly to our little farm. So overjoyed with all the new healthy babies here!

Some news. We are starting our breeding season, and look forward to breeding Daisy shortly to Dante Weltino. Cindy will be bred on her foal heat to the stallion Buckingham (Bordeaux x Rousseau) I believe he will complement her very nicely. This is my first year using frozen semen, and I am still sharpening my ultrasound skills (not as easy as you think!)

Daisys' son, Selkirk, who has been sold to the US, placed second in his 2 & 3 year old In-Hand class, and won Reserve Champion High Score with his 76.5! He is still a stallion and has a very good temperament.

Cindy's daughter, Diva by Don Frederico, had great success at her first dressage show in Ontario with her owner/trainer Alyssa. Congratulations!

Our website is now live! We also have a FaceBook page, "Little River Hanoverians" Be sure to like that page to keep up to date on all the happenings!

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