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Serene has found a home!

We are so incredibly happy with the home Serene will be headed to. Relatively local to us, she will be staying in Nova Scotia and her owner is a lovely quiet rider. When Terri met Serene, I could see the connection right off the bat and I've very excited to see them in the dressage ring in a few short years! That's the best part of being a breeder, not only raising the foal, but seeing them find the perfect match.

We are just looking forward to 2 foals this summer. Still about 100 days +/- to go. I am checking udders twice a day just to keep ahead of any 'potential' problems. Both Cindy and Daisy are looking wonderful and quite pregnant.

If all goes to plans this upcoming winter, we will just have Freebie and Daisy to over winter ... now I am *looking* for 1 to 2 broodmares to add onto the herd. We ideally want to have 3-4 foals per season. I'd like to try embryo transfers, but do not have the room to have 2-4 recipients mare on site. So it looks like that will have to wait a bit longer.

All for now! It's a muddy/icy/snowy mess right now. Spring is somewhat here, but winter is holding on.

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